Main Causes Of Receding Gums

One cause is over brushing your teeth and gums with a hard-bristled toothbrush. As you know, gum tissues are very soft and sensitive, so over brushing may damage them.

Always brush your teeth with gentle hands. Use soft bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth in a circulatory motion. This can give a massage to your gums and will relax your nerves. It will also increase the blood flow in the gums which will help in the generation of new cells and tissue growth.

Another cause can be gum disease. Always remember, all kinds of gum problems are caused by bacteria. Bacteria are naturally present in everyone’s mouth. We can clean bacteria out by following a healthy oral hygiene routine of daily brushing and flossing. Bacteria cause irritation and inflammation in gums. If it is not eradicated properly, it will result in receding gums or gum recession leaving your teeth naked to sensitivity when hot or cold food is ingested.

Bad receding-gums

You always have bacteria in your mouth so that plaque buildup can occur anytime you neglect your oral hygiene. Your body creates a hormone inside your mouth called saliva. It is a natural defensive way from bacteria and also helps soften the hard food particles. However, the function of saliva can be affected by the oral products you use on a daily basis. This can alter the performance of saliva and make it favorable for bacteria.

Gum recession is very common, but most people do not even know if they have it or not because it occurs gradually. It progresses in few steps. You know your gums are healthy if they are pink and have a good grip with your teeth. When your gums are red and puffy and also bleed sometimes, it means you are suffering from gum recession. You get loose teeth, and the tissues erode from your teeth slightly exposing the root of your teeth. This condition can grow from severe to gross if urgent measures are not taken to prevent this problem.

Bad Breath Receding gums

Gum disease and receding gums have a connection with other body ailments. Periodontal disease itself is a warning sign that you are suffering or about to suffer a severe illness related to heart, diabetes or respiratory problems. Get it checked up by your doctor.

Treatment of gums is better before the problem gets worse than before.

You need a deep cleaning of your teeth to remove tartar and plaque buildup.

Use an advanced formula of a combination of seven herbal oils that are suitable for any periodontal disease. One is available in stores online named Nature’s Smile gum balm.

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It is very effective gum balm. You can use it with a soft bristled toothbrush twice daily and see results for yourself.

Monitor what you eat and brush your teeth after every meal. This is the only way to avoid gum recession.

Naturessmile-Gum-BalmYou do not have to tolerate sensitive tooth when you brush with Nature’s Smile Gum Balm. You get protection from cavities and sensitivity.

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Organic Hair Care Products

Does it really matter whether you use organic hair care products or ordinary hair care products? What’s the difference? Why should you pay more for organic hair care?

Diethanolamine in Hair Care Products

The most talked-about chemical today in hair care products is diethanolamine (DEA), a chemical that make the bubbles in your shampoo lather and makes shampoo clean your hair. Other chemicals that create a lather are cocamide MEA, lauramide MEA, lauric DEA, and polysorbate-20.

DEA is so controversial because of its results in animal experimentation. Repeated application of DEA to mouse skin induced liver and kidney cancer. DEA-based cleaners are regularly used in products like shampoos, hair dyes, and conditions. None of the mice died from their tumors, but the DEA appeared to cause the tumors nevertheless.

Organic Hair Care Products

With the jury still out on the effects of DEA on humans, why not be absolutely safe and use organic hair care products, free of DEA. Consumers have been crying out for organic hair care products, and manufacturers have heard their cry. Today there are dozens of companies that make high quality organic hair care products.

L’Occitane En Provence

Organic verbena extract is the main ingredient in L’occitane’s Citrus Verbena Daily Use shampoo and conditioner. Gently cleanse your hair without harsh chemicals that irritate your scalp. You’ll love the zesty citrus scent – citrus has been proven in aromatherapy to be an energizing scent.


If your hair has been damaged by chemicals, by treatments, or by environmental damage, you’ll love what Sephora’s Nurturing Hair Ritual Kit from Ojon does for your hair. Restore your hair, making it shiny, silky and manageable. The set includes organic, plant-based restorative treatment, shampoo, conditioner, revitalizing mix, and hydrating styling cream, all prepared with Ojon oil, a secret derived from the Tawira people of Central America. Clinical studies show that Ojon oil can hydrate, strengthen and restore dry or damaged hair.


Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash was selected by The Green Guide as the top product of 2004. Their organic hair care wash comes scented: lavender garden, cool mint, left coast lemon, sultry spice, or unscented, for those with a sensitive nose. You can even get a trial size to try out the scent: two ounces for just $4.

After you switch from chemical based hair care products to organic hair care products, it may take your hair and scalp a few weeks to show the results of the new products. But be patient, and soon your organically treated hair will be shinier and stronger than you ever dreamed possible.

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